Tai Chi 42 Form (Sun Style)

Tai Chi 42 Form (Sun Style)

Stand in Wu Ji

Quarter turn to left, raise hands to shoulder height, then lower hands and posture. Step out left foot (heel first), glide-up right foot and press with hands parallel.

Pivot right, Lanji Yi (Lazily Tie the Coat) and press.

Face front for Open and Close Hands.

Single Whip looking right

Raise left hand to the forehead and White Crane Spreads its Wings)

Step up right foot and glide up left foot to press.

Open and close hands.

Turn left for brush over left knee, glide up and press with right hand.

Play the Pipa (Strum the Lute), twist step and Thrusting Hands (left foot, thrust right hand, then reverse).

Parry and punch with right fist.

Embrace the Tiger and Push the Mountain.

Face front for Open and Close

Turn right for Brush Over Right Knee, roll back and Lanzhaiyi.

**TIP: Don’t turn to face the front**

Step up for Open and Close Hands.

Diagonal Single Whip. Part the Horses Mane. (first to the left then to the right).

Press the right hand down. Raise hands to Look at the Moon. Step through right for Lanzhayi.

Step back with left foot for Fair Lady Weaves at Shuttles (twice).

Step right foot in front of left to step into Zante (Lowering Posture).

Rooster Stands on One Leg (first the left then right).

Repulse the Monkey x 2

Play the Pipa.

White Crane Spreads its wings.

Open and Close hands.

Turn to the left for the Three Defences (Needle at Sea Bottom, defend the front, defend the back, draw back, step out and double punch up, ward off) then Lanzhaiyi.

Turn to the front for Open and Close.

Single Whip looking right. Wave Hands in the Clouds to the left x 2.

High Pat on Horse.

Pivot left. Play with the Chi ball. Raise arms, right toe kick,

Turn left, raise arms and raise Left leg for left heel thrust.

Twist step and thrust hands. Step through left into Horseman’s Stance. Punch down at inside of left heel.

Turn to defect (parry) Slapping Right Kick.

Bend the Bow and Shoot the Tiger.

Double Crushing Fists.

Turn to Unify Yin & Yang.