Tai Chi 16 Form (Sun Style )

  1. Wuji. Turn to left, raise hands to shoulder height, then lower hands and posture. Step out left foot (heel first), glide-up right foot and press with hands parallel. Pivot right, Lanji Yi, and press.
  2. Face front for open and and close hands. Single whip to left, looking right.
  3. Move left foot back to right foot, then move left with wave hands in clouds, three times.
  4. Step back and retreat with high pat on horse. White crane spreads her wing.
  5. Step up and press both hands.
  6. Open and close hands.
  7. Single whip to left (looking right). Turn left and glide up for fist under elbow.
  8. Retreat back and repulse monkey four times.
  9. Step back to play the pipa and white crane spreads her wing. Step up and press with both hands.
  10. Open and close hands.
  11. Brush over left knee & press.
  12. Play the Pipa. Three defences connected through the back (needle at sea bottom etc. ). Draw back, step out and double punch up, ward off, Lanji Yi.
  13. Face front and open and close hands.
  14. Single whip left, looking right. Turn to left and lower hands (downward cloud hands). Glide up  for Seven Stars.
  15. Retreat back to Ride the Tiger.
  16. Spin kick. Bend the Bow & Shoot the Tiger. Diagonal Double Crushing Punch. Turn around and unify Yin & Yang. Return to Wuji.