Tai Chi 13 Form (Sun Style)

  1. From Wuji – turn left corner – begin Taiji by lowering posture – Lazy Man Tucks in His Robes.
  2. Turn to front for Open and Close Hands.
  3. Single Whip, step left looking right – Wave Hands in the Clouds twice.
  4. Toe in left face rightward
  5. Defend the back with right hand
  6. Fair Lady Weaves With Shuttles twice.
  7. Glide up left foot for Seven Stars
  8. Kick up right foot in left front corner
  9. Turn and kick with rightwards with left heel.
  10. Twist step and thrust hands – punch down right fist behind left knee, and just below left knee.
  11. Turn left and deflect with right fist – step through and parry left hand, punch over top with right hand, open hand and slap kick right leg.
  12. Close with left foot and glide to right corner with a punch with both fists.
  13. Turn and retreat unifying yin and yang crossing fist. Rising again to Wuji